Cable Cutting with IPTV

So I have not paid for Cable in well over a decade but like a lot of people ended up spending almost as much if not more monthly after stacking all the popular streaming subscriptions so I started looking for other options to cut my cost but not my experience. I use the app Streamio with the Torrentio addon and a Debrid service like Real-Debrid which works great but has downsides like having to wait for something to air, recorded, uploaded to a torrent indexer so ultimatly I decided to try an IPTV Service to supplement the Debrid solution because while Debrid is awesome there is just something special about "flipping through the channels" along with the extra wife-approval factor and kids as well if thats a factor for you or your household.

So the service cost is pretty decent considering I cut all the streaming services out of my monthly. I pay annually for Real-Debrid at about $35 a year which gives me all my streaming content but generally you have to wait to watch something until aired and has been uploaded to a torrent indexer and for sports and pay-per-view content that really isn't the same unless its experience live the IPTV service makes up for that with access to Live TV, Sports, PPV and other things like Professional Fights for pennies compared to traditional cable/satellite or stacking streaming services. The cost for a decent IPTV service is around $20-35 a month per connection, I tried a bunch and ended up with Cuerna IPTV, Since they are trying to operate under the radar to reduce likelyhood of the service being shutdown they don't run a website instead you can send an email to to sign up for service and you will be sent a secure link to pay via the reputable Stripe payment processer, This brings the cost of their service down significantly starting at $20 for 1 connection, $35 for two connections and $50 for 3 connections monthly with discounts for 6 months and 12 months plans. See the below chart for a better breakdown of pricing. Cuerna IPTV also offers pre-configured 4k HDR Android TV Boxes plug and play ready to go for $100 (includes first 1 month of IPTV Service, First 1 Month of Debrid Service with both IPTV and Streamio Apps Pre-Configured for your use.)


# of Connections Monthly Cost
# of Connections 6-Month Cost
# of Connections Annual Cost

I have been using this service for about 6 months so far and have the 3 concurrent connections so my household can watch something on two tv's at the same time while recording a show in the background on the main living room tv that is connected to storage and I cant tell you how simple its been using the Tivimate App ($10 a year with a 7-day free trial or $35 lifetime) on our Android TV boxes, Firesticks and Nvidia Shield we have around the house. (If you don't want to spend the extra money on Tivimate and don't need any of the extra features then you can use XCIPTV which is free and while it doesn't look as nice and the UI is a little more clunky its fully functional and fully free!)

All in all the combination of Real-Debrid and IPTV has enabled me to cut hundreds of dollars a month without sacrificing any content or the experience either! Click here to sign up for Real-Debrid and Email to get started with the best IPTV Service I have come across! (Free 12-hour Trial is Available to test the service with your app or device)

I will also be doing some upcoming posts on how to setup Streamio + Torrentio Addon with Real Debrid, How to setup Cuerna IPTV with both Tivimate and xcIPTV, as well as a Streaming "box" hardware guide!

As Always, So long and thanks for all the fish!