Digital Nomad Bypass Hotspot Limits via Router

Alright, In the VPN Post I mentioned I would add other posts to the series to cover useful things, One of which I mentioned was Bypassing Hotspot Limits which is specific to windows and really has the most use for machines with built in WWAN or a Hotspot connected to a windows device but in this post we will cover how to modify the A Travel Router to set the TTL to 65 which in most cases will bypass hotspot limits put forth by carriers, This post will be specific to GL-inet routers but I will do more parts to cover other hardware/software vendors.

  1. Login to your TravelRouter admin portal.

  2. Go to More Settings >> Advanced.

  3. You will be prompted with another login page, use the same credentials you just used to login to the regular admin portal.

  4. Go to Network >> Firewall and Click on Custom Rules.

  5. Add a Custom Rule at the bottom to set the outgoing TTL to 65

1#Change TTL
2iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING 1 -j TTL --ttl-set 65
  1. Click Restart Firewall and the device should reboot. You should be good to go now as any device that connects to the Travel Router will mask their TTL as if it were a mobile device.

If you want to test it for peace of mind and are comfortable with SSH you can connect to the Travel Router and run the command ping and in the responses you should see the TTL as 65.

I hope this post was helpful and keep an eye out for more parts covering other solutions! Let me know what you do to bypass hotspot limits or request a guide on a specific brand in the comments below!

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!

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