I have been using NextDNS for a little over 2 years now, I used to run Redundant Pi-holes, then switched to AdGuard Home, and eventually landed on NextDNS even though its 1. Not Self-Host, Its a hosted service. 2. At least for me usage I could not get away with using just the free plan. and, 3. I did have to do a little setup to get to work with my Windows DNS servers however it is worth paying for and worth not being self hosted as I do prefer to host whatever I can on my own, Like I do for Vaultwarden (Bitwarden) or Mesh Central.

When I switched, I was mainly tired of the WAF (Wife/Woman Approval Factor) due to issues with pi-hole or AdGuard as well as the fact that if the internet was down at home we lost the DNS features on our mobile devices because obviously the Pi-Hole or AdGuard has not internet, With NextDNS though I can use it with cellular data without having to worry about the status of my home connection as well as its got integrations for all my travel router, Hotspot, Mobile Devices, Browsers etc... so no matter what I am using I am always using the same block list I have curated over the years.

Another awesome thing I like about NextDNS is the fact that I can see stats based on device, browser, mobile phone, etc... which I know other solutions can do that as well but again I don't have to worry about self hosting it, taking up storage for those stats or any of the other issues that may come up with self hosting DNS, Some things I think are just better as a service than self hosted and DNS is one of those things in my opinion.

Check it out if your in the market for a good DNS provider with block list support as well as tons of other useful features/settings. Use This Affiliate Link to show me some support if you end up signing up for the paid plan (Which is a steal at only $19 a YEAR!)

So long and Thanks for all the Fish!