Battle of the text editors

Text Editors, There are so many options depening on OS, I personally have used Sublime Text across Operating Systems for well over a decade, I have written most of these posts (only exeption is when I have written a post here and there in the terminal with something like nano or vi) in Sublime Text, I even have a Github Gist to backup my settings and packages so they are the same across all my machines which is awesome!

Sublime Text has a tonne of Extensions including a plethora of Syntax Hightlighting but seems to lack support for Hugo as a whole, theres some bits and pieces in the form of extensions but it leaves me wanting more so I decided to venture into another editor, in this case I settles on Microsoft's VS Code due to its support for extensions including many of the same ones I am using in Sublime Text as well as so many more, one of which is way better support for hugo including shortcodes!

So I am only a day or so into using VS Code and so far I have only been editing posts, pages, and making changes to config files for this site but so far I am realy enjoying it, In fact I am writing this post in VS Code. I will do a follow up post after I have had sufficient time to use it and report back my comparison of pros and cons between Sublime Text and VS Code.

Another big plus for me that VS Code checks the box on is the ability to commit and push directly to github from within the application, Now I am not sure if Sublime Text has this functionality and I am actually going to check and edit this post with and update, but thats is a huge work flow gain for me and I didnt realize that it was something I wanted or how important is really was to my work flow until I started playing with VS Code.

Let me know in the comments or over on the Forums with your choice of editor + extensions!

So long and Thanks for all the Fish!

Update: So Sublime Text does support that same kind of functionality however since the hightlighting for markdown and specifically Hugo + Shortcodes I am going to stick with VS Code for a while unless it runs poorly or have issues otherwise, The only thing that I have not been able to do that Sublime Text has an Extentsion for is rendering images inside of the markdown files, In Sublime Text I can use the Markdown Images extenstion and it will show the image directly in the the text editor, VS Code seems to have a way to do that via the markdown preview which is better than nothing but thats a huge plus for sublime text yet not enough to detract from the other pluses of VS Code So far.