Christmas Covid

So a few months ago now I got in an accident that totaled my truck so in dealing with that and all the holiday plans that were upcoming I had not really left the house except for a few errands over the past couple months hence I was excited to go out of state to visit family for the impending holiday season that would come about.

I end up getting an ear infection right before thanksgiving, first time being sick at all since well before the pandemic started, which put me down for a couple days before recovering right before my trip out of state, fast forward to Christmas where I will again be going back to the same place to visit family.

At this point I have not left the house since I got back from thanksgiving except to pay my rent, I rent a car and start my journey across the country on my 18.5 hour drive to start the Christmas celebrations which went rather smoothly for a straight through drive like that, We get there and start the various Christmas routines and spend a few days with family and then head back home, another 18.5 hours straight through, at some point between christmas day and the getting back home several family members started testing positive, all of which are vaccinated and most are boosted as well, so I go get tested the day we got back, negative, so my partner gets tested, positive, by the end of the day we both started showing symptoms.

I am Vaccinated but have not yet gotten my booster, I do however have some Auto-Immune Disorders that effect how sick I usually get, My partner is not vaccinated yet, We both started showing symptoms at the same time, I was extremely sick right off the bat and had a hard time controlling the fever, my partner had an intermitent fever and was defintely pretty sick but was not stuck to the bed and unable to keep the fever down with medication like myself, after a couple of days like this the fever finally broke for me and I was able to move around a bit and eat real food but was still very sick with trouble breathing, mind fog, and extreme fatigue for the next week, there were a few times I honestly thought I was going to end up in hospital but alas I did recover in the following days.

all in all it was the sickest I have ever been in my life, even living with fibro, I dont think I have ever expereinced anything as bad as Covid was. I am faily certain that we had the omicron varient because of the fact that it was so quickly aquired and the symptoms even for my partner whom isnt vaccinated were mild compaired to what I have heard from others that got the previous varients.

I have some good content to post about though, all that time off I had I spent a good chunk working in my env. and setup some cool new things!

So long and Thanks for all the fish!