Crypto Bubble

Crypto Currencies are all the rage right now! I have been following all thing Crypto since the early days, I mined Bitcoin when it launched, I mined doge the first day i could, I bought into the Ethereum craze when it came out, etc... so where do you think it is going? do you think it will continue to boom? will we all be driving Lambos and getting Diamond tattoos? who knows? but one thing is certain, Crypto is not going anywhere! In fact I think we are just really getting started!

So I currently hold a wide range of coins, some profitable some not, I have been buying at the dips and for certain coins selling at the highs and moving that into other coins, I am obviously not whippin' around in a lambo with my diamond hands haha but I am very invested in riding the crypto bubble out.

I do not think I will get rich from crypto by investing but I strongly think that my crypto start up will make wakes eventually and I will benefit financially from that which is my ultimate goal, To generate passive life altering money, To Continue to travel and hit my goal of 120+ countries (currently at around 65+), Provide for my family like they have provided for me throughout my life!

So where do you buy your cypto? I seem to bounce between Exchange's and DEX plaforms. I have been using coinbase recently and although they are not my favorite (insert customer service compaint here) they are very easy to get into and offer on average $30~ in free crypto just for signing up and watching some videos plus additional free bitcoin if you use an affiliate link (queue affiliate link here) and deposit fiat to purchase bitcoin with.

So long and Thanks for all the fish!