Digital Nomad AIRBNB

AirBNB has changed the way we look for accomdations, Sometimes its cheaper, Sometimes its more expensive, Sometimes you pay more in fees than you do for the accomdation but one thing is for sure, it depends on where you are! I dont always use airbnb especially when I am in the states but when I am oversees its general my first spot to look and heres why!?

When I know I am going to be in one spot for more than a couple weeks I will find a place I like on airbnb and only book a night or two, once I am there and checked in I reach out to the host and offer to work out a price, for the month or insert X amount of time here, which in most cases they will be willing to do because they dont have to pay any fees out of their "cut" to airbnb and it ends up being a decent amount cheaper for you in most cases.

Keep in mind this is against the TOS and also might not always work so I suggest you use a throw away airbnb account when doing this in case you happen to get caught and banned.

This little trick has saved me a ton on monthly accodations when abroad and I would say 8 out of 10 hosts will be willing to take you up on a little side booking like that.

As always So long and Thanks for all the Fish!

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