Do you listen to podcasts?

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer everyday. I cant stand to sit in front of the computer in a quite environment so I spend a lot of time listening to music, podcasts, comedy and the occasional audio book.

I wanted to bring attention to a few podcasts that take a up a majority of my podcast rotation.

First one is Bad Voltage: I have been listening to them pretty much since they started and have listened to every single episode, They are a refreshing take on technology and beyond. All of the participants have real personality and real opinions without sugar coating. check them out at

Second is Grumpy Old Geeks: I have also been listening to them for a real long time and have listened to every episode as well. They are one of my favorite Tech focused podcasts out there right now, They cover awesome topics and opinions. You can find them at

Last but not least the Third one is Darknet Diaries: I have only recently found this one but went off the deep end and listened to about 60+ episodes back to back. Awesome interviews and stories from very interesting people, my favorites so far have been the red teamers and pen testers he has interviewed. you can check him out at here

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So long and Thanks for all the fish!