Hugo With Github & Netlify

Not to long ago I migrated my blog from ghost to hugo and couldnt be happier! So in this series I am going to lay out the setup of a huge with a github repo and hosting/auto-build from netlify so you can write your content as commits to a github repo and everytime netlify notices github has a new commit it will build your site.

Lets get started, First head over to and select your preferred signup method. This will likely be a hosted Git provider, although you also have the option to sign up with an email address.

Okay so this is where this series will split, I will cover both how to setup from netlify one-click kinda setup as well as creating a git repo on your local machine and creating a hugo site there, pushing that up to github and then creating a site from an exisiting repo/site in netlify, Both will achieve the same outcome though of being able to write your content as git commits and auto-building with netlify.

check out insert post link here for the one-click style ready to go template from netlify or instert post link here for the local git route which will allow you to choose whatever theme you want right out of the gate instead of having to make changes right away with the netlify one-click way if you dont care for the template theme they provide you with.

So long and Thanks for all the fish!

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