Humble Beginnings

So... This has been a long time coming, and honestly kind of surprising that its taken me this long to put up a blog but there is a first time for everything!

I have been in IT for roughly 16 years, Everything from System Administrator to Virtualization and Cloud Engineer. My passion within the IT sector though would have to be Automation and Security, I am constantly adopting new tech and hardware like the YubiKey, which has been an amazing device so far.

I have a large home lab infrastructure consisting of two 24u rack with several Hypervisors (Proxmox and vmWare), Network Attached Storage (Synology or bust for anyone wondering), a couple of Docker hosts, Several Layer-3 Managed Switches, a Sonic wall Next Gen Firewall, and Unifi, Fortinet, and Ruckus Access Points along with an array of Personal and Enterprise grade Workstations, Mobile Devices and other Electronics.

So the vibe I will be going with on this blog is a spot to share cool IT related things I come across, Scripts & Automation's, and other generally useful tips and tricks.

So long and Thanks for all the fish!