Layoff update

I was going to just update the Layoff post but Its been a while and I have made several posts since then so I figured I would just do a new post with an update.

Its been 4 almost 5 months since I got laid off and man has it been a struggle, At first there were barely any job postings, then I started to see more postings but salaries were pitiful, then better jobs started showing up but still not amazing salaries, I finally start landing interviews but end up getting a lot of "Your way to qualified" or "were hesitant because of your skill and the possibility of jumping ship for better pay" or flat out just never get back to me. its been disheartening to say the least.

I have been consulting to get by but that is hit or miss and my spouse has a tone of student debt so most of our money is actually going to pay student loans and the car note, My parents offered to let us move in with them which we took them up on.

I have had several decent interviews or pre-screenings this week so I am hopeful that I will find something by the middle of April. It has definitely been a humbling experience and I cant wait to get back to working!

Wish me luck and good vibes to all the laid off folks out there that are in the same boat I have been in.

So long and Thanks for all the fish!