Netlify vs Cloudflare Pages

I have been using Netlify since I started using Hugo and its been a great experience so far however Cloudflare Pages has been getting a lot of attention lately as well so I decided to try it.

I had been meaning to update the theme that I have been using Hugo Clarity for a while now as well as fix some things that didnt work right like search and the front page showing most recent or featured posts, I took this opportunity to fork my original repo for this site and deploy it on cloudflare pages to do the aformentioned upgrades.

The process was super smooth and it was very easy to set the environmental variable to specify hugo version (clarity requires revision 90 something or higher) and then i was off to the races to test my changes and upgrade the submodule for the theme without bothering my current setup and getting to test out the compentition.

all in all I really did like Cloudflare Pages especially since all my domains are registered through them and I have been using them to manage dns long before they allowed domain registration but I have to say that utimatly I went back to Netlify for once simple feature and that is forms... I have a contact form on my contact page and since this is a static site it takes a little bit of magic to make that happen, thus Netlify forms, Netlify has a free tier that is pretty generous and even with all the traffic my Digital Nomad VPN series gets I have not yet gone over that free tier limit thus this site will remain on Netlify until cloudflare has feature parity in the context of forms.

I will continue to check back in on cloudflare pages and do follow posts if anything big changes!

so long and thanks for all the fish!