Phone Integration on Windows

So for a long time I have used the Dell Mobile Connect app to sync my iPhone with my dell laptops but that has been a hassle, the supported devices are limited but by sideloading the appx and installing the driver you can make it work on other models or non dell machines but all of a sudden I started getting unsupported messages on start-up so I set out to find something else, At the time Phone Link was not available for iOS so I decided to try Intel Unison

I really like having access to Photos & Files as well as being able to send/receive SMS/iMessage and Make/Receive Calls right from my laptop, Often my phone is charging or in my pocket/bag while in a meeting etc... so I have found it invaluable to insure I don't miss a beat!

I also have a MacBook Air and an iMac as well so I am used to having this type of integration with my Mobile and nothing has every really gotten even remotely close until now. Both Intel Unison and Microsoft Phone Link are quality choices and get us closer and closer to the experience you get on MacOS with and iPhone.

I did try Phone Link also but its lacking a bit in some functionality that Unison has like access to more than just photos, videos etc.. and the ability to transfer files back and forth so for me Phone Link just doesn't cut it yet and intel unison is the choice.

Check back for an update once Phone link and Intel Unison get more mature, I will do a more in depth comparison.

So long and Thanks for all the Fish.