Porky is Home

Alright so a couple of weeks ago Porky went to the mechanic to get a new clutch installed, I was expecting to have it back in less than a week however those Half-Life "Unforseen Consequenses" I mentioned I hope wouldnt happen in my last post about Porky happened. A few days later the mechanic calls, They Ordered 3 different clutches, none of them fit/werent the right one. The owners calls me to make me aware that there is a nation wide production shortage of the clutches, in fact you cant even buy a new one in a standard right now because they are having issues getting parts to make both the clutches and the manual transmissions, however the owner found one vendor on the east coast that has the right one and can have it there within a week but they are charging $1100 just for the clutch.

At this point you can imagine I felt pretty disheartened considering I am not bringing in consistant meaninful income right now outside of my consulting which also is not as consitant as it once was however my Parents came to the rescue and offered to pay for it thus saving me from this series of unfortunate events, Thanks Dad!

So roughly two weeks later, Porky is home from the mechanic and man does she feel like a whole new car!

So long and Thanks for all the Fish!