Static Site Generator To Rule Them All

So as you know this site is powered by Hugo, Actually all of my sites and my spouses site TraumaToTravel are Hugo sites, I fell in love with it and converted anything that wasnt Hugo already that could work in Hugo over. I wont go in depth into Hugo on this post as this is more of a why I still choose Hugo Post rather than a detailed post on Hugo but do check out my How to setup Hugo with Netlify Post if your iterested in setting up hugo yourself!

Alright so recently I decided I wanted to check out another Hot on the scene Static site generator, Astro, So I forked my main two sites Nbennett Landing Page and This Blog and converted them to astro after finding similar themes. I really liked Astro and man is it fast but I didnt really care for the syntax so ultimatly I am still running Hugo however I did not really care for hugo's syntax, shortcodes, and frontmatter when I started using it but I stuck with with it because I really liked how fast it was to build, the fact that I could host the code/content for free on github and host the actual static site for free on netlify (with forms support! Check out the Netlify vs Cloudflare post for why I chose netlify over cloudflare, especially when I use cloudflare for everything!) thus I stuck with Hugo and I am glad I did and even after trying severl other static site generators like Astro and NextJS I always seem to come back to the awesomeness that is Hugo!

I will continue to check out the hottest Static Site Generators but I think it will take a lot to steal me away from Hugo and I defintely dont think I am going to go back to normal sites on a LAMP stack anytime soon regardless of if I end up with Hugo in the end.

As always So long and Thanks for all the Fish!