White Ribbon Of Death

Okay this is not my normal post for this blog but its a passion of mine outside of tech so here we go!

So without context and the niche of my blog, You would think I was talking about some type of error screen or crash code like the BSOD or Blue Screen of Death, however I am not even referring to something tech with this post, I am actually referring to what skiers and snowboarders refer to the often times single run that gets opened in early season that is usually packed with people, very icy and choppy when resorts are stuck relying on man made snow and warm unpredictable weather.

As you know if you read my bio, I am from and currently reside in Colorado. Skiing and Snowboarding is one of my favorite non tech hobbies and I couldn't live in a better place for that! This past weekend marked the opening of 2 iconic Colorado ski resorts, A-basin and Wolf Creek with Keystone not far behind them hopefully opening next week.

I have been itching to get out on the mountain since summer started and finally it has come back around to that time of year again, I decided on a whim to head up to A-basin for the opening day of the WROD and honestly compared to years past this was a great opening weekend in my eyes, The WROD was not real icy and was more like choppy mashed potatoes instead of frozen TV dinner status. All in all it was a great first of the season and I cant wait for my home mountain Keystone to open with their purported 4o+ acres of ski-able terrain. Winter is coming...... NO! Winter is here! and as one of my favorite filmmaker's (Warren Miller) films says WINTER STARTS NOW!!!!

So long and Thanks for all the fish!