Layoff Train

I have been in IT for over 17 years, I am thankfull to have had gainful employ through pretty much my entire career, I have found myself unmployed for reasons beyond my control but never had I been laid off until today. In the aformentioned events that lead me to find myself unemployed for reasons beyond my control I always either had another offer already or had atleast one foot out the door already with prospects lined up and offers landing within days and then I got hit by the layoff train out of nowhere.

I have been working as a Systems Engineer with a focus on Virtualization (I am a Virtualization Enineer by trade after alld) as well as cloud infrastructure like Azure/MS365, mostly working for MSP's or MSSP's for the last decade, with a strong skill set for on-prem hybrid setups. This adept and broad skillset I have has enabled me to land jobs incredibly quick, My last company, the one that I just got laid off from had an offer to me above my asking and meeting my sign on bonus requirements within 2 hours of my last interview. Needless to say I am a skilled IT Professional that has never had any issues finding emplyoment however I am worried about the times to come as there have been insane record number layoffs all across tech right now, I am worried that it will take me way to long to land somewhere decent!

I will update this post when I either find a job or after a few months of being laid off to give an idea of what it was like to experience the lovely adventure of the layoff train. CHOO!...CHOO!

So long and Thanks for all the fish!

Check out Layoff Update for the current status of the first layoff in my career.